RB Internacional Headquarters are located in Nouadhibou, the commercial hub of Mauritania. We coordinate all our operations from our African branches.

The Canary Islands due to their strategic geographical position in the Atlantic are a meeting point in between continents. The Canary Islands have played, speaking from a historical view point, a pivotal role as a logistic base since they are very well connected via sea and air, they have a unique institutional situation and they posses infrastructure that matches the needs in the islands. In this way, a number of foreign companies have established branches in the islands to improve their finalcial strategies in Africa.

RB international felt the need to get to know the countries of northern Africa and established comercial and cultural relations with them; this need was also stirred by the fact that Canaries and Africa are separated by just 95 kilometers. During all these years we have established ourselves in many countries, retaining close commercial ties with companies and institutions in Mauritania, Senegal, Ghana, Cameroon, Gambia, Mali and Guinea Bissau.

The reality that we saw 25 years ago has little or nothing to do with today. The future prospects for growth in Africa are very positive, thanks to growing domestic demand. Improvements in the business environment, macroeconomic policies and productive diversification means that the capacity for economic development has improved considerably. We are established in Africa to make your business grow.